The Writer-Reader Paradigm!

Dear reader,

Some months ago I was enrolled in a free course online titled “English Composition I: Achieving Expertise” taught by Dr. Denise Comer at Duke University, USA. One of the first non-grading assignments was to write a short paragraph explaining why we wanted to become a better writer. Since the creation of this blog was motivated in part by the course cited above I think it’s worthwhile to reproduce (I mean, copy and paste 😉 ) that text and share with you here:

Personally, I never considered me as a writer. Why? The reason is very simple: I’m an avid reader! However, I’ve always wanted to become a real writer. During my childhood I didn’t like to write compositions because most of my teachers were more worried about grammatical rules related to my native language (Portuguese). As a teenager I began translating lyrics related to rock music. Later, as an undergraduate student, I decided to enroll in an English school and then two interesting things happened: First, I started writing poems in English. Actually, I’ve written very few of them (five so far) because my poems are very long! Since the beginning I have decided to write them in my own format, i.e., forty sentences divided in four blocks of ten lines each. Second, I had a wonderful subject at my English school. It was called “Creative Writing” where on Saturday mornings our teacher would choose a topic and we had to write about it. Later on, when I went abroad (Japan) by the first time, I wrote a diary during almost one year! Through the years I also wrote and submitted some papers related to software engineering. Almost four years ago I started writing, occasionally, a column related to my soccer team in a blog shared with other supporters. In fact, there are so many things that I would like to write about in a more detailed way. However, often I feel disappointed with myself because I think it’s so difficult to write about anything without being repetitive, I mean, without using the same words as everybody! Anyway, I will be half-century old on next August and I want to start my own blog with the purpose of leaving a legacy to anyone that, with some luck, can learn something from my own experiences and mistakes…

What about you? Do you like to write too?

Cheers from still hot Numazu, Japan


How often I’m going to write here…

Dear reader,

Some days ago I wrote a post where I listed some topics which I’ll try to write about. Now the question is: how often?

I don’t want to become a blog’s slave, i.e., to make my personal life schedule depend on this virtual space. Therefore, I am not going to post here everyday…

Of course, this doesn’t mean that this blog will remain inactive for long periods of time. So, I have to find a balance between what is reasonable or not in terms of time posting 😉

Another reason to post new comments in a slow pace is that I have to get used to the WordPress dashboard since there are a lot of different settings and possibilities, but I still don’t feel so confident to use it since I’m a novice.

Probably I will write new posts here between twice a month at least, and sometimes once or twice a week.

Cheers from hot Numazu, Japan.

What I’m going to write about…

Dear reader,

First, let me thank you for visiting my blog and reading my first post! I feel flattered in knowing that almost thirty people stopped by here this week just to take a look. 🙂

Some months ago when I was thinking in having my own blog, I tried to decide (at least, partially) what subjects I would write about. One thing is sure: I will not write about just one specific topic.

Basically, I will try to write about the following subjects:

  • soccer (of course, I am a Brazilian !)  😉
  • reading (which books and magazines I’m reading or intend to read in a near future),
  • music (groups & singers – and their albums – I usually listen to, etc),
  • movies (that I really liked or not and, most important, why),
  • electronics (hardware projects),
  • science (basic experiments for kids),
  • software (development & debugging – including algorithms),
  • culture (especially about Brazil and Japan ) and,
  • health (some tips in how to survive in this crazy world 🙂

Of course, the list above is not a definitive one! Sometimes, I may write about something completely different… Anyway, I hope to count on your suggestions and critics 😉

Cheers from Numazu, Japan

Starting my own blog (at last! :-)

Dear reader,

After a lot of thinking I decided to start my own blog today.  Why today? The reason is very simple and unique: on this special day (August 04th 2013) I am becoming 50 years-old!

Because I am completing half-century in existence I thought that maybe writing a blog and (most importantly) posting something useful to anyone that stops by here can serve as a small legacy when I’m gone to another dimension…

So, I ask you to be patient with my grammar mistakes (I will write basically in English, but sometimes in Portuguese and Japanese too), my mood and, specially, with the topics (that probably will be boring for you) that I will try, occasionally, to write or comment here.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Best Regards from Numazu, Japan.