I’m back here (and I intend to stay)!!!

Dear reader (are you still there?),

I’m really ashamed for not keeping writing (as I promised here before a lot of times). Unfortunately, due to some circumstances (work, health, budget, etc) I had to stay away for almost six months! 😦

But I’m back now and I don’t intend to disappoint you again (yes, I know that I said it before using other words, but believe me: this time will be different)! 😉

Just two things that I would like to comment here:

a) One is just a remainder that I have already finished adding all the twelve regular pages (sections) of this blog. You can access them by clicking on the following links or on the respective tabs located at the upper-left part of this blog main screen:

https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/culture/                                  https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/electronics/                            https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/foods-drinks/                        https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/health/                        https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/lost-bits/            https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/movies/                                      https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/music/                                            https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/photography/                                https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/reading/                        https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/science/                                https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/soccer/                                      https://wilsonpardijunior.wordpress.com/software/

b) Today (July 18th) is my mom’ BIRTHDAY! Therefore I wish her a LOT of happiness and good health! Having the opportunity to stay with her during the World Cup in Brazil last month was a God’s blessing!

Muito obrigado mãe pela oportunidade em revê-la!           Um grande abraço e um beijo bem apertado do teu filho querido! Um FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO com BASTANTE SAÚDE e  FELICIDADES! 🙂

Next week I will write about someone very special that I had the opportunity to meet by the first time when I was in Brazil. So stay tuned, please! 😉