Happy Birthday, Wilson! ;-)

Dear reader,

Sorry if I didn’t write here two weeks ago as I promised on my last post. Anyway, before late than never! 🙂

Today I’m feeling happier than the normal guy because I was able to complete one more Birthday! 🙂

I would like to thank my mother, wife, son, relatives, friends and specially GOD (yes, I’m a Catholic, but an open-minded one) for helping me a lot through these long fifty-one years of existence in this chaotic but amazing world!

Besides the usual and grateful congratulations I was quite surprised when I opened my browser at the Google main page today and found a special Google logo (a.k.a. Google Doodle) to me as shown on the picture below:


That was great and I really appreciate that! Thanks Google! 🙂

Since this is my first post using an uploaded image I apologize in advance if its final format doesn’t correspond to your expectation.

Cheers from ‘still not so hot’ Numazu (near mount Fuji), Japan.