A new layout (theme and header picture)…

Dear reader,

Today I finally decided to customize the appearance of this blog in a different way, i.e., by uploading a new header picture and changing the current default theme. 🙂

The theme being used from now on is called Koi and was designed by Nick La, a Toronto(Canada)-based web designer and illustrator.

The header picture was uploaded from the Internet and shows a typical 新幹線 (“shinkansen“: train bullet) crossing Japan where Mount Fuji can be seen on the right.

Please let me know if you like or not the new blog layout. 😉

Thank you again for coming here.

Cheers from sunny (but cold) Numazu, Japan


Time goes by so fast! :-(

Dear reader,

I can’t believe (or to be more fair with myself, to admit) that already four months were gone after my last post here…

What a shame, Wilson! If you come to write here just between four or six months, nobody (except you) will waste their precious time to take a look what you’ve to say! 😦

Therefore I really should write here more often, at least once or twice a month. However, how can I accomplish this due to my current life schedule?

Just for have an idea I work full-time on weekdays commuting five hours between Numazu (where I live) and Yokohama (where I work). In addition I try to support my son’s activities (i.e., homework) at his school. Besides, almost everyday I try to participate actively in some social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+) and read printed or electronic books too. I also often record (audio only) and listen to my soccer team matches (there are a lot of stress in being a crazy soccer supporter) 😉 including sometimes watching news on TV (BBC World News), and music videos (YouTube) and movies on the Internet. Finally, on the weekends I try to go to the gym to recycle my body (and soul). So, there is almost no time left, even for sleeping!

Let’s hope I can add another one or two posts by the end of the year…

Cheers from windy and cold Numazu, Japan.

PS. Happy Birthday to ゆう, cat-woman! 😉