Dear reader,

This page will include everything related to electronics: the main subject that I chose to my professional career almost thirty and five years ago when I passed the entrance examinations at the university. 🙂

Basically, I will try to write about some hardware projects and experiments here. Although I have been working as a software engineer for the last twenty years, I always liked to “dirt my hands”, i.e., to assemble, fix or design some hardware stuff.

For years I have been trying to set up a physical lab at my home in Brazil, but since I moved to Japan I had to postpone it a lot of times. However, since my existence in this planet already passed half a century, it’s time to be more practical. 😉

I have the intention to start with the basics, and if successful, I will write about some more advanced topics. Needless to say, but all experiments and designs that are going to be described here will have some pictures or short videos related.

Thank you for spending your time here! 🙂


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