Brazilian Cuisine

Dear reader,

Are you hungry? I am, since it’s almost lunch time… 😉

In this page, Brazilian Cuisine, I intend to introduce some delicious Brazilian dishes, desserts and drinks to you. By the way, if you’re a foreigner, i.e. a non-Brazilian, you’ll be surprised with the variety of Brazilian food!

Let me make a brief introduction about this delicious (no pun intended) topic: the Brazilian cuisine has a large influence of Amerindian, European and African meals (recently some influence of Asian food too). Due to the country transcontinental size and the miscegenation between native and immigrants, each region has its own variety of local cuisine.

For example, many popular dishes at the North region of Brazil originated from native Indians meals while the local food at the South region (where this humble writer came from 😉 ) has a strong influence from German and Italian cuisine.

Therefore in a near future I intend to write about some very typical Brazilian dishes, desserts and drinks including pictures (some of my own collection) and, if I’m successful, recipes too! 😉

Bom apetite! (in Portuguese from the famous French expression, bon appétit!)


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