Dear reader,

I spent a lot of time guessing which topic should I choose to write in the first article under the Health section… I was between three options:

  • Auto-medication,
  • Fat liver and,
  • Teeth

So in the end (and considering that I’m having a lot of lot of problems with it) I decided to write about teeth… 😉

There a lot of interesting things to write about teeth, so considering that I’m not a specialist on the subject I will write basically about my personal struggles with them. My purpose here is to write about my problems and its solutions in a way that you don’t need to experiment the same troubles that I had and still have… 😦

To be more specific I intend to tell you my own experiences with root treatment, gingivitis and broken teeth…

Be patient like me and take a look at this page occasionally to find more useful information on the next months, please!

And don’t forget to brush (gently) your teeth today! 🙂


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