Connecting the dots…

Dear reader,

I wonder if you’re like me where, from time to time, try to think what are the reasons for some events that occur not only in our own lives, but anywhere…

Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences. A long time ago I have arrived at the conclusion that everything that happens in our chaotic world has a specific reason and especially, a connection with someone, someplace, other events, etc.

The grand mystery is to know the real cause of such things in advance! Most of people don’t realize that anything that they do in their lives will affect not only those that are near them, but everybody in this planet!

Do you want an example? Think about the several wars, including isolated terror attacks, that are occurring in almost all continents these days. I bet that you and/or most of your friends think that wars happen because of religious, political, social and/or economic divergences between countries or different groups of people.

Wrong! All these wars has only one very basic reason: weapons trade. The only and definitive solution to stop current and avoid future wars is to stop making and selling weapons abroad right now. Think with me: where all those terrorist groups, drug dealers, militias, etc get their armament? Almost 100% of them don’t have the resources and technology to design and make such powerful weapons…

And the most interesting thing is the way we connect the dots. Millions of threads are made and changed every minute in our world. A single late or early second, a single spoken word, a rational or irrational decision, etc makes an enormous difference in people’s lives. Some of our actions have an immediate impact and others may take some time (months, years, etc), but all of them will influence how the future is molded.

I’m pretty sure that if someday most of us understand clearly how everyone and everything is connected, then most of our problems in the future will be solved forever…


Best Regards from rainy Japan,

Your humble writer😉

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