Dear reader,

This page will include everything related to reading, one of my favorite pastimes!

As I said before, I will comment here about books, magazines and comics I’m reading or intend to read in a near future. I also will comment about the ones that I’ve read a long time ago…

It’s interesting to mention that until recently I used to read comics, magazines, newspapers and books on printed paper only. However, I’ve started reading some stuff in digital format too (first through a web browser, now using some special apps) 😉

Some months ago I’ve brought my first tablet (more details later 😉 ) and I have the impression that I will increase my reading in the digital world…

There are two very useful benefits in buying books, magazines, comics, and newspapers in a digital format:

  • availability of more physical space: since I live in Japan this is really very important!
  • environment-friendly: less printed paper = more trees! 🙂

However, I have to admit that, sometimes, I like to smell the printed pages of a book (why, I don’t know)…


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