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As I wrote a long time ago, reading is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. The main reason is because I started reading comics at a very early age. As far I remember, I have been reading comics uninterruptedly since I was six-years-old! 🙂

My passion for reading comics was definitely encouraged by my father. I always tell people that this was the greatest legacy that he left for me, in other words, the encouragement for reading. I loved to go with him to the newsstand on every Saturday night or Sunday morning. He used to buy a lot of comics together with the daily newspaper! And I really mean a lot, not only two or three comics, but sometimes six or seven in just one day! Of course, my mom usually didn’t approve it since he was spending a lot of money just buying comics to me… 🙂

Therefore in this column I intend to write about the world of comics and how they influenced and still influence my way of thinking even almost fifty years later!

I will write about my favorite comics, i.e., characters and plots, including publishers, artists, writers, etc. Basically it’s about American comics since they used to be published on a full content in Portuguese when I was a kid. In addition I will write about some Brazilian comics too and some Japanese comics as well.   😉

Best Regards from the Land of Manga!   😉


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