Dear reader,

Here I intend to write about my favorite passion: soccer (or futebol in Portuguese, my native language). 🙂

I still remember one of my first impressions about this terrific game (yes, game – not sport). I was almost seven-years-old when I watched my first World Cup in a black-and-white TV set.

This was July 1970 and at that time Brazil became World Cup Champion for the third time (in my country we say tricampeão if a soccer team wins a championship for the third time) with Pelé, known as the “Soccer God”, having an excellent performance at the most famous soccer tournament in the world!

I will write most about my lovely soccer team – Sport Club Internacional – because I’m a fanatical supporter (since I was eight-years-old), and the Brazil national soccer team for obvious reasons. 🙂

However, sometimes I will write about other traditional soccer teams and national soccer teams too since I really enjoying watching (and still plying occasionally for fun) it. 🙂

So, be prepared because here I will often write:



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