Dear reader,

This page will include anything related to software. It will basically be a section about software design, programming, and testing. Probably I will start with programming since I do love to code! 🙂

I know few programming languages, mostly C and Java languages. Therefore, most of the examples and exercises (from some interesting technical books) that will be shown here will contain coding in those languages.

However, occasionally, I intend to write about algorithm design and in this case I will probably show and comment about possible solutions using more than one computer programming language (for example, C++ and Python).

Another future plan around here is to write about applications related to embedded systems using Assembly language for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors or microcontrollers.

Also, software design and its different methodologies as well as some software testing approaches will be commented in this page (section).



In other words,

Come along with me and let’s kill those difficult bugs! in binary code… 😉


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