Secrets for Longevity

Dear reader,

If you’re a teenager or an young adult between 20 and 40-years old then probably you haven’t still thought about longevity. However, if you’re older than 50-years old (like me) then I wonder if you have already started to think how can you live longer and healthier these days… 😉

In this specific article and some others in a near future I will try to write about possible secrets for longetivity. It’s interesting to mention that nowadays there are a lot of centenarians (people over 100-years old) around the world. For example, the current oldest living people are:

  •  Violet Brown (from Jamaica): 117 years-old
  • Nabi Tajima (from Japan): 116 years-old – note: we have the same birthday!  🙂
  • Chiyo Miyako (from Japan): 115 years-old, will become 116 years-old on next Tuesday!
  • Ana Maria Vela Rubio (from Spain): 115 years-old
  • Marie Josephine Gaudette (from Italy): 115 years-old
  • Giuseppina Projetto (from Italy): 114 years-old
  • Kane Tanaka (from Japan): 114 years-old
  • Maria Giuseppa Robucci (from Italy): 114 years-old
  • Iso Nakamura (from Japan): 114 years-old
  • Tae Ito (from Japan): 113 years-old

Some insights can be seen at the list above:

  • All the current oldest ten living people in the world are women!
  • Half of them are Japanese and three women are Italian…

There isn’t a definitive recipe to live longer and healthier, but some of the secrets are:

  1. Do exercises regularly,
  2. Have a balanced diet (most based on vegetables, fruits and fish),
  3. Don’t smoke and,
  4. Drink moderately.

I also would include:

  • Don’t become stressed at anything, especially with mundane things,
  • Laught a lot 🙂 and,
  • Think positively.

What about you, dear reader? Do you agree with me? Do have others recommendations to live longer and healthier? Feel free to coment here, please.

Best Regards from The Land of Longevity,  😉


At last, all pages (sections) were added!

Dear reader,

First of all, I have to apologize for not writing a single word here since last December, even a Happy New Year message!

Second, I also have to apologize for not posting anything on a regular basis. Although I promised to write at least twice a month, I know that I shouldn’t be so lazy…

Said that, I would like to announce that finally I was able to add all the regular pages (sections) of this blog. You can access them by clicking on the following links or on the respective tabs located at the upper-left part of this blog main screen:  

These four pages added above, combined with the other five previously inserted, will be the core of this blog. Of course, sometimes I will write about something that isn’t related at all with those nine topics. I’m still undecided if I will just post it in the main page or create a separate section.

So, the real fun will begin next month. See ya there!

Cheers from sunny, but cold Numazu, Japan.