Dear reader,

Another item on this blog menu is being added today: Languages. I have decided to add this new item because I have been studying and learning idioms since I was a kid. I think my interest and curiosity for languages is probably due to my family roots since most of my close relatives descended from German and Italian immigrants…

My first contact with another language besides Portuguese (my mother tongue) was German. I can’t believe I used to pray in German when I was just a four-years kid! Unfortunately I didn’t learn the idiom when I was at school, so it got vanished from my memory through the years…

Therefore my first official contact with a foreign language was at the sixth grade at elementary school (equivalent to the first year at middle school) when I started learning English. It was very difficult to me to learn English during the middle and high school years, especially in the first three years. Fortunately I was able to overcome it when I enrolled in a English language course school during my undergraduate days.  🙂

Some years ago I also had the opportunity to start learning and studying Japanese, a complete different language if compared with the Western ones! The concept of ideograms (originally from China) had a profound impact on me because I was able to realize that learning and studying distinct languages make you think in a very completely different way! It really opens your mind since it becomes easier to understand other countries cultures, including local people’s manners and morals.

Very recently I also started learning and studying Italian and even Dutch (completed some on-line introductory courses, respectively)! Besides, I’m studying German once again (had to interrupt twice during my lifetime), very focused this time since I promised my grandmother (deceased), Maria Alma Schmitt that I would master the basic level someday… 😉

This section will include anything related to languages, especially the ones that I already have some basic knowledge. It won’t be a self-paced course about idioms, but it will contain at least some hints and curiosities about them, OK?

See you! Até logo! Ci vediamo! Tot ziens! Wir sehen uns!  😉

Old World Language Families Trees (not including Asian idioms)