Dear reader,

This month I’m adding another item on this blog menu (now it contains fifteen items), i.e,  art.

The reason why I’ve decided to add one more item is because I just realized now that art and culture are two distinct concepts, despite of being strongly linked with each other. It’s interesting to mention that people from complete different cultures can enjoy the same kind of art. Therefore while culture is more related to a restricted geographical area (country, state or city), art is universal! The same kind of art is practiced by people from different places in the world, not necessarily at the same time.

Here in this small space I will try to write about different kind of arts, as for example:

  • visual arts (sculpting, painting, photography and other visual media),
  • performing arts (music, theatre, dance, film, etc),
  • applied arts (interior design, architecture, industrial design).

Notice that on this blog menu I’ve already created separate items for photography, music and movies since I have a strong passion for these kinds of arts. Therefore most of time I will post anything related to them under their respective pages, but occasionally I will just post here or even at both places!

I have to confess that I never was good at art classes during school times… Although sometimes I think I had some interesting ideas I couldn’t put them in practice since my drawing and painting skills were (and still are) terrible!  😦

Anyway I hope that in a near future you can enjoy some posts here related to this fascinating topic.

Meanwhile, a famous quote by one of the most famous painters of all the times, Pablo Picasso, to make us think about…  😉

Every child is an artist!